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Midwest Forensics & Associates Inc. is a forensic fire and engineering investigation firm based in Brownsburg, Indiana.   Midwest Forensics was formed in 1995 by Fred Hackett as Mid-West Forensic Services, and has built a reputation as a leading firm within the industry.
Since 1987, Mr. Hackett has been responsible for conducting technical investigations of commercial and residential fires and explosions and had previously served in various capacities of fire service.  His expertise encompasses examination with respect to origin and cause circumstances, product liability, and safety and fire code violations.  Mr. Hackett has vast experience in leading investigations for significant commercial and residential fire losses.  Mr. Hackett displays extensive skill in delivering testimony as an expert witness for criminal and civil cases covering both state and federal jurisdictions within the United States.  Mr. Hackett has also pioneered the use of CT imaging as a non-destructive means of examining evidence from fire or water damage claims to determine failure mode, subrogation potential, manufacturing defects, or product liability manufacturer identifications.
Mr. Hackett employs a highly qualified staff whose expertise will serve to give you and your claim the personal help you need.


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